Thursday, March 15, 2007

Building a store

I just finished watching the video of Building the Store from ClickableBliss, which explains why Mike Zornek build his own web store, and what he learned.

My notes from the presentation:

  • ELC Technologies RoR::PayPal - not a complete interface, doesn't provide express checkout, which is essential

  • vPayPal gem : never got it to work, seemed to have deficiencies, used as a reference

  • Tobias Lutke's PayPal gem - not specific to websites payment pro, related to instant payments

  • ActiveMerchant : couldn't get certain things related to PayPal to work, code submitted by contributor, not maintained. But it's now 1.0 and may work better.

  • SOAP : not used SOAP before, but was the eventual solution

  • These experiences were from about August 2006.

  • If you're going to accept confidential information in a Rails application, make sure you don't log it:

    class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
    filter_parameter_logging "password"
    filter_parameter_logging "credit_card"

Sorry if I'm cryptic - the video is worth watching :-)

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