Sunday, January 21, 2007

First EAT workshop

We ran the first EAT workshop on Saturday, and it went very well. The setup at the venue wasn't perfect, but we think we have a way to set it up better next time. I like an environment with plenty of light, but if anything we had too much yesterday (at least for projection) so we'll try setting up in the ante room, which has blackout curtains, next time.
And the feedback from the participants was very good. Thanks very much to Marty for co-teaching and for providing the data projector, and to Nigel for coming along and adding his expertise. I'm getting used to working on my MacBook, so I'll gradually get better as well. Alec Clews, one of our attendees, has posted his comments.

TDD EAT Course, Jan 20 2006

TDD EAT Course, Jan 20 2006  
TDD EAT Course, Jan 20 2006

Although the examples and discussion for this workshop were in Java, we're now able to offer the workshop in .NET as well. We're unlikely to run the TDD workshop again for a while, but we'll probably run a design improvement workshop in March - contact us if you'd be interested in that.

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