Thursday, July 6, 2006

Data Agility Survey

Claire Lubienski, who has very graciously given her time for agile conferences and user groups in the past, is coordinating a survey of agile method adoption in Australia. Her request for participants is below - please help out if you can.

Data Agility is surveying Australian organisations' adoption of agile methods for software development. We are looking for survey participants from organisations that have tried—successfully or otherwise—to undertake some agile software development. Target organisations are one of:

  • public or private sector organisations that have a significant IT function

  • organisations that develop software for commercial gain.

We would like to interview people close to the agile project or software development team that also have a perspective across their organisation beyond the project or development team. This is most likely to be the project manager or development manager. Depending on the organisation, access to a chief architect, business owner or project sponsor may be appropriate. The survey is focussed on subject matter such as methods and tools used, project management, team and culture impacts rather than technical details associated with the solution delivery.

Participants will be able to learn from other organisations' experiences with implementing agile and will be given pre-release versions of the survey findings. Survey interviews will be conducted by Claire Lubienski, a senior consultant who has 20 years' business and IT project management experience including with organisations implementing agile methods.

Participation in the survey can be anonymous: client and commercial confidentiality will be respected.

Please contact Claire on or her mobile +61 (412) 205 418 if you would like to participate or know of a suitable candidate participant that she can get in touch with.

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